Flat Out Magazine

Flat Out 2



Spring 2017

Flat Out 2 delves into disaster, ghost towns, domesticity, and exhibition reviews.

The Cameo grasps at elusive visuals in “Get It, While You Can.” The Muckraker exposes a trifecta of blunders besieging Sydney’s urban future in “All Hollowed Out.” The Odd Couple, in “Books, Piles, and Wrinkled Sheets,” debate the significance of Kinfolk’s portraits of “slow living.” The Political Economist takes a close look at the ground game behind the Obama presidential library, while The Talent Agent pays homage to Iannis Xenakis’s House in Amorgos, and The Scorekeeper gives Toyo Ito’s Taichung Metropolitan Opera House four stars.

The cast for this issue features (in order of appearance) Mark Linder, R. E. Somol, Jon Yoder, Ben Nicholson, José Aragüez, Renato Rizzi, Scott Colman, Ellen Grimes, Eric Gordon, Grant Gibson, Fabrizio Gallanti, Sophia Vyzoviti, Julia Capomaggi, and Penelope Dean. Character portraits are by Tom Bachtell.